Be a Goat Nanny Farm Member!

Help us to preserve the farm both today and for generations to come

If you are like us, you will find that hands on experience is a rewarding way to interact with our goat herd. Bradley Mountain Goat Nannies are members that help us to manage, train, and socialize the herd. Goat Nanny skill sessions are focused on herd management, training and socialization, barn management, packaging, and farm beautification. Attendance at sessions are for members only, and you need to sign up in advance.  Browse our membership options to start taking advantage of all that we have to offer.  Our Annual Farm Membership includes: 


  • Eligibility to sign up for our Goat Nanny weekly member nights, goat walks, herd walks, and farm educational events.
  • Special invitations to Bradley Mountain Farm’s Community Service events, Public events, and more.
  • A 10% discount when you present your membership card at our farm shoppe. 
  • 1 free bag of goat food when you present your membership card at our farm shop on your visit.

Our farm membership is for one year and renews automatically.  When you have purchased a membership, you will receive a confirmation email that contains the link you can use to access the members only section of our website where you can sign up for events.  You can pick up your card at any open farm day or farm event to verify your membership for in-store discounts.

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