Bradley Mountain Crafty Cuddlers

What are the Crafty Cuddlers?

 Bradley Mountain Crafty Cuddlers are the volunteer team that helps us to package our products and beautify the farm. Crafting sessions are broken into two components - one part focused on packaging and craft projects, and one part focused cuddling and socialization of our goat herd.  Our Scrapbook Consultant will be here to teach you what to do, and will give you tips on paper crafting techniques.  Advance sign up is required 

Is There A Minimum Age To Be A Crafty Cuddler?

  •  Crafty Cuddlers must be 16 years or older to register.
  • Children who are 10 or older may come as a guest of a registered goat nanny.  All should come dressed and ready to work and participate.  Please judge the maturity level and the interest level before bringing a child to goat nannies.  Goats are strong animals, and some children are afraid of them. 

How Should I Prepare Before I Come?

  • Come prepared to work, to learn, and to get dirty!   
  • Wear common sense clothing is comfortable.  Wear sturdy shoes and prepare for mud.  
  • Goats may unintentionally step on your shoes or your toes, so wear toe protection.
  • Be prepared to be outdoors for the entire session.  
  • Wear warm gear in the winter. 

Click on the button to apply to join our volunteer team.  You will be on the list to receive email invites where you can register for upcoming sessions.