Goatee Academy

Do you have what it takes to be a farmer?

Do you have what it takes to be a farmer? Join us for this hands-on farming experience!  We will work together to bring the herd their hay, grain, and fresh water. We will milk any herd members that need it, and you can try your hand at it.  After we finish giving the barnyard breakfast, we will spot check the herd, and do any needed brushing, hoof cleaning or shaving.  We will check on the chickens in the coop and see if they have eggs to be collected.  Each session will cover a different topic on goats so you can learn more about our herd!

Goatee Academy will be offered throughout the year.  Check our farm calendar for dates, times, and more details, or you can buy tickets for the next available session on our website.  

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Goatee Academy is available as a group session!  Get together with your friends for a special party and make it your own event.  Contact us for more details and to book your session.

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