Meet the Bradleys!

Gather at the Ichabod Bradley House for an unforgettable experience!

Meet the Bradleys!  You will be greeted by Abigail Bradley in the Tavern Room of the Bradley Home - a historical treasure that is on the National Registry. Go on a tour of the Bradley Home and goat barn with Abigail, and learn about it's rich history. Then gather to hear a historical story at the fireplace told by one of the Bradley family members. Then you will learn about and make a colonial craft that you can take home. 

Includes 1 bag of goat food per guest to feed in the barn, and digital pictures of your experience with Abigail.  Light refreshments will be served. Check our farm calendar for dates, times, and more details, or you can buy tickets for the next available session on our website.   

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Meet the Bradleys! is available as a group session!  Get together with your friends for a special party and make it your own event.  Check our online booking for more details and to book your event online.   

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