The Marching Goat Parade

Join the Parade!

Get the opportunity to march with our goats through the pastures and around the farm. You will be grouped into teams and will be able to choose marching clothes for your goats.  There will be plenty of time to stop for hugs and to take pictures. Includes time to meet the goats, 1 bag of goat food, and digital pictures.  Strollers are not recommended.

The Marching Goat Parade will be offered throughout the year at different locations.  Check our farm calendar for dates, times, and more details, or you can buy tickets for the next available session on our website.  

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Schedule a Private Session!

The Marching Goat Parade is available as a group session!  Get together with your friends for a special party and make it your own event.  Contact us for more details and to book your session.

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