Fairy Goatmothers

Cinderella had a fairy godmother!

Did you know that goats have a fairy goatmother?  When you schedule a Fairy Goatmother play date,  you can groom, dress up, cuddle, and walk your goat on a lead anywhere on our property!  You will get the ability to work exclusively with your goat during the play date, and will be able to take great digital pictures.  Includes 1 complimentary bag of goat food for each guest.  

To make a reservation, there must be at least 1 adult who will be the handler for each goat.  Minors cannot make reservations to handle a goat alone, but can be added as additional friends to the play date.

Fairy Goatmother play dates will be offered throughout the year.   Choose below to make a reservation for the next available session.

Can’t find the right date or time to fit your needs?  Schedule a private party where you can choose your own dates.  Have more questions?  Click here to drop us a line!    

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