Goats N' Pajamas

Join us as we combine two favorite things!


Come with your family to put the herd to bed, cuddle with your favorite goat, and experience pure silliness together.  You will be brushing the goats, feeding them, and putting pajamas, tutus, and other costumes on the goats.  We will take some of the goats on a walk in the good weather, or will have a coloring contest for all ages if the weather is cold or rainy.  We will end the night with a goat cuddle session and feeding the whole herd hay as their Good Night snack.  We will be available to take digital pictures from your camera or ours.

Goats N' Pajamas will be offered throughout the year.  Check our farm calendar for dates, times, and more details, or you can buy tickets for the next available session on our website.  

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Schedule a Private Session!

Goats N' Pajamas is available as a group session!  Get together with your friends for a special party and make it your own event.  Check our online booking for more details and to book your party online.

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